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 Welcome to the Multimedia Creator Website !
  Perfect Tools for building Multimedia project

This Software is created with the purpose of speeding up the production of multimedia products by Multimedia Creator Systems with Delphi 7, a programming language. Designed environment of this software is very simple with high facilities. The user of this software doesn’t need to be familiar with any kinds of programming languages. He or she can be familiar with all its abilities in less than an hour and also would be able to use it properly. Multimedia Creator speeds up the process of your project programming and at the end prepare it to be physically published. You don’t even need to make Autorun for your program by Multimedia Creator.

Multimedia Creator is able to open different sound tracks. Also you can open any executive files from your program or connect to the web pages.

You just need to run the program. The steps to make a project are very easy. By making a new project all the folders and files that you need will be created in the path that you wish.
All the data, the graphic of the forms and the keys would be saved in a database and you will choose a password for that. The function of each key will be chosen by you, which includes different orders.
The program is designed in a way that a controller manages it while performing video and sound files and offer useful facilities to the user.
The program adjusts the size and characteristics of your files in order to graphic files intelligently. If you had made BG music or Intro movie in your program it would be enough to choose a check box. Multimedia Marker will do the rest.
Multimedia Creator can easily add a navigation tool bar to your program .The produced project doesn’t need to be installed for running and can be run on all kinds of windows.

Using Multimedia Creator is more beneficial in comparison to other similar softwares because of its speed and simplicity. Also the possibility of calling the context from database is providing an acceptable security for the context and the information of the project. Multimedia Creator enables the user to get familiar with all the facilities without having any programming knowledge, in a short time and also to use the gained knowledge properly.
So even an elementary teacher can use Multimedia Creator for presenting his or her educational context to the students very easily.

The usage:
Multimedia Creator is suitable for producing educational informative, commercial softwares and presenting subjects such as Power point.

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